Artist Ngawang of Potala Paintings has created a colorful mural in the front dining room of a Tibetan restaurant It recreates scenes from old Tibet, including mountains, streams, a nomad tent, a yak, an elephant, and a Tibetan monastery. Other rooms display the Tibetan six auspicious signs (endless knot, conch shell, lotus, victory banner, umbrella, and treasure vase) as well as animals, birds, and flowers. The drawings, done in traditional Tibetan style are painted with bright watercolors and flowing lines that create a sense of movement and evoke feelings of joy and delight. The drawings are protected by an application of oil-based varnish.

Tibetan Monastery

Tibetan Monastery Painted in Traditional Style


Scenes in the Countryside

Tibetan Motifs

Tibetan Yak, Garuda, and Elephant


The Snowlion of Tibet

Eight Auspicious Symbols

The Eight Auspicious Symbols