About Us

(Formerly, "Potala Painters" was known as "Potala Enterprise.")

We are a team of American-Tibetans living in Colorado. Most of us were part of the Tibetan resettlement program that brought twenty-three Tibetans to the Boulder-Denver area in 1993. Some of us have been working in home improvement areas such as painting for many years now and others have gone on to receive further training.

Our Team Leaders

Jamphel - has over eighteen-years experience in both traditional and contemporary painting. Before he immigrated to the United States in 1993, Jamphel trained as an artist in Tibet and then worked at Norbulingka Institute in India, painting shrines, homes, furniture, and thangkas. During the last eleven years, Jamphel has worked for an established professional painting company where he has acquired additional training and experience doing both exterior and interior painting in the Boulder-Denver areas.

Ngawang - one of the most talented Tibetan artists from Tibet is now living in USA. For many years, Ngawang painted monasteries, stupa, thangkas and furniture both in Tibet and India. Because of this experience, Ngawang has had no trouble adapting to commercial and residential painting here in the United States. In fact, this is his seventh year painting in the US and everyone appreciates his artistic talent and hard work.


"I am very pleased with work that Potala Enterprise has done for my interior painting needs and I would recommend them to anyone." Michael Johnson at (303) 591-2884.

"You are the first one that I called from painting company list and I am glad that I did not call anyone else. You have done wonderful work and I really appreciated" Mary, a resident of Boulder. Contact information kept from web.

"Thank you so much for your good work! My house looks great" Kit, a property manager and home owner of Boulder living in California. Contact information kept from web.

"I could not ask you for more. You guys have done a great job." Karen, a resident of Boulder at kwilding@indra.com

“They painted my four bedroom house and I am very happy with their work. I highly recommend them.” A resident of Westminster, CO at 303-484-8668.

Contact Information

Phone (303) 775-7487 or e-mail jamphellhasa@yahoo.com.